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Assistance With Immigration Issues In Federal Criminal Proceedings

Dan’s unique experience and background in both immigration law and federal criminal law has allowed him to assist defense attorneys who have clients with an ICE detainer or who have been charged with a criminal offense involving immigration law/issues. Contrary to what many attorneys understandably believe, the existence of an ICE detainer is not and should not be a basis for pretrial detention in federal court. Likewise, the fact that a noncitizen defendant does not have legal status in the United States is not and should not be a basis for detention in federal court. Indeed, Dan has successfully obtained pretrial release for a defendant who had an ICE detainer, had no legal status in the United States, and was charged with illegal reentry.

Dan’s unparalleled knowledge of the immigration laws and procedures allows him to assist in the preparation and execution of cross-examination of government witnesses in a way that educates the trier of fact on the true significance (or lack thereof) of an ICE detainer and/or a lack of status in the United States. Likewise, Dan’s knowledge and experience with federal jury trials involving immigration-related criminal cases can be a vital asset to attorneys preparing for all aspects of trial (e.g., jury selection, cross-examination, etc.).

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