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Facing Federal Charges When You Are Not A U.S. Citizen

If you have been charged with a federal criminal offense and you are not a U.S. citizen, the benefit of having a criminal defense attorney who knows and understands immigration law cannot be overstated. Your ability to stay in the U.S. could be at risk.

Dallas attorney Dan Gividen has been working in criminal and immigration law for over a decade. He has a strong reputation in the legal community for his knowledge and understanding of the complex issues involved in “crimmigration” cases, which combine both criminal and immigration law. When you or a loved one face the high stakes of a federal criminal case, Mr. Gividen can provide the experience and professionalism you need. He also helps clients facing removal proceedings and with litigation against the federal government.

Anyone Charged With A Federal Offense

In the past, federal prosecutors were known for only bringing rock-solid cases involving significant violations of federal criminal laws. Recently, federal prosecutors seem to have lowered their standards with respect to both the solidness of their case and the significance of the alleged criminal violations. They have not, however, changed the steadfastness with which they prosecute every case. The stakes are high, and you need an equally steadfast attorney to defend you. Gividen Law, PLLC, provides representation in all federal cases, including:

White Collar Crimes

White collar crimes usually involve some type of theft of money through fraud or embezzlement at work. Examples include tax fraud, identity theft, bribery, money laundering and the above-mentioned embezzlement. These crimes often fall under federal jurisdiction because the money involved crosses state lines or they involve the national banking system. White collar crimes often leave a paper trail that is hard to defend in court. A strong defense often relies instead on legal arguments, such as intent, knowledge, state of mind and causation.

Immigration Crimes

Immigration crimes such as visa fraud, passport fraud/misuse, unlawful procurement of naturalization, marriage fraud, illegal reentry and wire/mail fraud relating to immigration violations involve the records/documents submitted to, produced and stored by immigration officials. Additionally, these cases involve both federal criminal laws as well as the far more complex immigration laws of our country. In these cases, it is vital to have an attorney with a complete and in-depth understanding of both the procedures/operations of the immigration agencies and the immigration laws involved.

Drug And Gun Charges

Federal drug and gun charges are on the rise. These cases require an attorney with the ability to meticulously review the evidence for potential constitutional violations or strong defenses at trial. An experienced criminal defense attorney understands the importance of the Fourth Amendment’s prohibition on an unlawful search and seizure. Any evidence resulting from such a search can be thrown out, even if it is vital to the government’s case. Equally important, is the ability to review the evidence with an eye for potential issues that would provide for a strong defense at trial.

Appeals To The United States Circuit Court Of Appeals For The 5th Circuit

After a conviction at trial, individuals often turn to a new attorney to handle their appeal. Federal criminal appeals are one of the most challenging areas of legal practice. When handling a federal appeal, Mr. Gividen carefully reviews the entire case record, from indictment to trial and sentencing, looking for errors on which to base an appeal. Based on his experience and knowledge, Mr. Gividen recognizes the importance of selecting the strongest arguments and preparing a compelling case based on quality legal research and scholarship.

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